Friday, August 2, 2013

How many times do I have to tell you?

Its The Cops

So, I was sent this video by Atemi Cast Rick and we had a real good laugh watching this. There is not too much backstory to this video, but it's easy to discern what this incident was about. Some guy in Oregon walks into an office building apparently looking for someone and is on the phone. Minutes later, the young man is confronted by what looks like three officers and after what looks like a brief exchange of words, the young man swings on one of officers and two of the officers attempt to take him down with a grappling style take down. The young man who appears to have a lil fight experience, sprawls just enough to disrupt the officers attempt to subdue him and in the chaos, the young man manages to unholster one of the officers weapons and manages to get off a shot.

Now, there has been this glorification of "MMA" style training being the best style of Martial Art and that it is the all around answer to defeat an opponent. Well, not in this case! If not for the fact that there were more than one officer on this guy, the officer that lost his weapon would probably not have walked away from this encounter and the young man would have had a loaded weapon to go on to continue his rampage. Not enough credit is given to REAL martial arts training that teaches techniques to immobilize an attacker and ensure that he does not get back up. In my years of studying the traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Aikido, taught by Doctor Philip Chenique, I can safely say that the techniques I have been taught to implore in a situation like this one the outcome would have been a bad one for that young man. The manipulation of joint locks combined with the knowledge of striking vital points in an opponent allows a practitioner of Atemi-Ryu Ju-Jitsu or Chendokan Aikido to control an attacker or render his limbs useless by breaking or hyper extending them. In a sport based art like MMA, one is not allowed to implore these techniques and due to that, it ends up limiting said practitioner to only implementing the "sport" based techniques that he was taught.

Let's wake up here people. This video speaks volumes that a sport based system is not practical for real world scenarios. Sure, three on one might work out for these officers but, what happens when it's a one on one scenario? What would have been the result if it had been two on one in favor of the bad guys? What retard would shoot in on a guy to try to take him down when he has a partner who is a threat with him? Yeah, I know that officers of the law are not allowed to just break a bone or poke an eye out but, once the weapon was taken away from the officer it became a life or death situation and in the real world that would change the rules of the engagement, wouldn't it? In the end these guys were lucky that they didn't get shot and I hope that in hindsight they will go back to whom ever taught them and bitch slap them in the face. If this is what they teach law enforcement in Oregon I would suggest that they review their training policy and fire that instructor. Here's an idea, go find a martial arts instructor that teaches techniques that will save their lives and not risk them. OSU!