Friday, May 16, 2014


"HITMAN in Real Life" by Public Prank Compilation

Hitman 47
We are back with another video review request. This week's submission came from a group of practical jokers. They call themselves, "Public Prank Compilation." PPC approached us with a video that pays homage to the great EIDOS Interactive classic shooter "HITMAN!" The film shows one of the members of Public Prank Compilation, who pulled off a pretty good likeness of contract killer for hire, "47." He even used some of the weapons 47 uses to dispatch his marks. The action takes place in some weird places and all happens in the plain view of what looks like, some unsuspecting, unknowing participants. It was a fun ride to watch their reactions. 

What I found amusing was the fact that not one person made an attempt to come to the aid of 47's victims.  What does this say about society and the everyday person? If one of us at The Atemi Cast were to witness the calculated removal of a human life, I think we would spring into action. We would give Mr. 47 a little trouble in completing his mission. As Martial Artists, it would be our duty to intervene. Who would just stand around and just watch a tall man in a dark suit pull out a garrote. Then wrap it around the neck of some poor individual, and choke him to death. 

The guys at PPC pull off a good, real time prank. I have to wonder how much of it is set up. No one called the police or was a good Samaritan. No one with a concealed weapons license, drew down on Mr. 47 and popped one off in his ass. He just walked away from his kills. One of the best reactions was when 47 dumped one of the bodies into a trash can. He walked away and we see the befuddled looks on the faces of the people just watching the action. The fact that they don't know what to make of what they saw is priceless.  The guys at PPC have a good gimmick. If nurtured they could land a slot on network television. They could guarantee an audience some good laughs.

Stay tuned for more reviews as they come in children of the Cast. "WE" are ever vigilant for good content to share with the masses.

 Atemi Cast Tony