Sunday, September 21, 2014



Rick - Russian Bigfoot hunters say they have new evidence proving that Russia has its own yeti, living outside of Moscow.  The proof is marked tree bark.  The bark was found on an uprooted tree only 5km from Zelenograd, Moscow.
The finding Almas(Russian sasquatch) team is Andrei Stroganov, and Igor Burtsev. Burtsev is the leading expert on the Russian “Forest People”. Igor Burtsev has been documenting Sasquatch sightings for over fifty years. He claims to have over 5,000 conformed eyewitness accounts.  They have extracted samples from the bark piece and are sending them to the United States for DNA testing
Burtsev has had DNA test done before on samples that he has found. One test came back as an American Black Bear and another test came back as an unknown human type creature. He cites that this is proof of the Almas existence
The Russian Bigfoot is described as being a lot smaller than its American counterpart. The being is only 6’5” in height but is said to have larger feet than the United States Yeti.  Historic descriptions of the Almas are that of a wild man or maybe the last living descendants of a Neanderthal tribe.

TONY - So, the Bigfoot craze has gone all the way around the world and landed in Russia. In Russia, the big, hairy, “man-like,” creature known as the Almas, apparently has the same cloaking technology as his North American counterpart. There has been no “scientific” evidence to date according to one of Burtsevs’ biggest skeptics Professor Bryan Sykes of the Almas existence . Prof. Sykes has written a book debunking the idea of the creature and calls the Himalayan Yeti a species of Polar Bear.
The interesting thing about this article that caught my attention was the claim that one of the samples that was that of a American Black Bear!? Really? How did that one go unnoticed? Did the bear migrate there? Was it a performing Bear in the circus? Or is the implication that Burtsev is trying to fake all the data? Russia is a vast country with many environments that could contain a yet undiscovered species of primate or missing link.
In a country that allows the disclosure of information from paranormal investigations that the government conducts, I would venture to bet that Mr. Burtsev could be the first person to provide us with the actual “smoking gun” proof of our mutual big, hairy friend and we will finally have that scientific proof that has eluded us for so long. The finding Almas Team better call the B.F.R.O. and let Matt Moneymaker know that he needs to get to Russia so he can share in the discovery of Russias very own BIG FOOT! I wonder what a Russian bigfoot call sounds like?

Original Article: Has the Yeti Come to the Moscow Region?