Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Out F@#king Cold

Rumble at the Rock
Rick: We have not done an Out F’N Cold in a while but this one deserves a look. This KO takes place in the United Kingdom at Say Uncle Fight Night 2. Knock out was during an amateur brawl. I understand that these fighters are fairly new to the fight game. What I do not understand is the lack of basic training both fighters display in boxing and kickboxing.

Macedo and Audin touch gloves and together they get into a fight stance where both hands are floating at chest level. There is little head defense shown. Audin throws a half hearted jab. She was not really trying to connect. Macedo lefted a leg for a kick but changed her mind half way through. Audin did not react to the kick faint. She kept her hands around her chest and under her chin. Audin threw another half hearted jab that Macedo cat slapped away. Macedo shifted forward and Audin faded back. Then Macedo entered with a round house to the thigh, and Audin did not try to block but accepted the impact. Audin’s hands never moved from her chest defense. Macedo attempted a straight left that connected but backed off to check her work. Audin’s hands now suspended at her waist, Macedo unloaded a round house to Audin’s midsection and again Audin did not try to defend. The women reset and Audin challenged with her third sort of jab. This time Macedo cracked another kick that looked like it was aimed for the bread basket. Audin went for the shield but she had been fooled and when her arms dropped Macedo adjusted and shot the kick over Audin’s low guard. The kick connected under Audin’s chin and out she went.

Tony: Well when I first saw this, even though this was an amateur fight, I have to be critical of the performance. I don’t want to come off as being an ass but clearly these girls were not taught to keep their guard up when fighting. This reminded me of a fight between two hoodrats and the result was about the same. I have to give it to Macedo, that was a well-placed and well-timed kick to Audins’ head and the sound of that impact was priceless. I felt bad for Audin, but she took it like a champ and even posted on facebook she was back to training and her chin was OK. I hope she got her head checked out after the way it bounced like a basketball hitting the floor after a monster dunk! Damnnn! Just watching the kick makes me cringe. The safety of all fighters should be the focus of the amateur fight promotions and fight teams. Trainers should absolutely make sure that their fighters are well trained so that there is less of a chance for injuries. Fighters will be fighters and are prone to forget all their training once they get into the ring. We know this from experience with our own fighters. You can’t fix stupid they say but you can try to teach it to keep it’s hands up.