Sunday, October 26, 2014


Super Hero Sunday

Batwing started as the Batman of Africa. The original Batwing was Congolese police officer David Zavimbe. He was given tech and support by Bruce Wayne and Batman Inc. Zavimbe’s life is one filled with loss, violence, and redemption. He lost his parents to AIDS. Orphaned Zavimbe was recruited as a child fighter in an African warlord’s ragtag army. He excelled in this environment. Even as a young boy he was physically gifted. Soon he was welcomed into the warlord’s elite cadre of killers. After a while Zavimbe’s conscience prohibits him from being a murderer’s pawn any longer. He kidnaps the warlord, escapes, and drops his former commander at the feet of his rival. He knew if the leader lived he would never get a chance to have peace. He found an orphanage and lived out the rest of his childhood there.

David Zavimbe resigned as Batwing and soon Batman recruited Luke Fox son of Bruce Wayne’s right hand man at Wayne Corp. Lucius Fox. Luke Fox has been the Batwing ever since. He travels the globe working for Batman. He goes where a Batman is needed and the original is unavailable.
Batwing is highly trained in a variety of martial arts. Batwing’s main weapon is his high-tech armored flight suit. The suit is a work in progress. The suit is consistently updated to have the best gadgets available to combat crime.

Batwing’s first appearance was in BATMAN #250. Batwing was created by Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, and Yanick Paquette.  Batwing has several team affiliations. He is a member of the Batman Family, Justice League International, and The Dead Heroes Club.