Sunday, October 12, 2014


Superhero Sunday

The Dark Knight, the World’s Greatest Detective, or the Caped Crusader as Batman is sometimes is known was created by Bob Kane in 1939. His first appearance was in DETECTIVE COMICS #27. Batman is one of DC Comics’ superhero trinity along with Superman and Wonder Woman. Where Superman is a solar powered alien and Wonder Woman a magically created Amazon warrior, Batman is a normal man. He has perfected his body through training and his mind with education. He is an illustrious strategist and always seems to be two moves ahead of his quarry.

The man behind the mask is Bruce Wayne, the extremely wealthy international playboy. This persona is the façade that Wayne uses to hide his extracurricular crime fighting activities. Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents and it was this event that placed him on the path of retribution.

Batman has many enemies in his rogue gallery. The clown prince of crime, The Joker, is the polar opposite of Batman’s serious dark nature. Catwoman proves that conflicting lifestyles attract and Batman has had an on again off again sexual relationship with this villainess. The Riddler is the mental challenger for the Dark Knight. There are many others each one being more outlandish then the next.  My favorite present day villain is Gearhead.  He is a low level criminal that lost his arms and legs after a confrontation with Batman. Nathan Finch had fallen into freezing water causing terrible frostbite and the loss of him limbs.  He had his limbs removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. He now has a plethora of attachments and armaments that he uses in his quest to exterminate the Bat family.