Sunday, October 19, 2014


Robin is the sidekick to Batman and his first appearance was in 1940 in “Detective Comics” #38. The first Robin was Dick Grayson. Grayson was a son of the flying Grayson’s John and Mary, a circus acrobatic group and was called little robin by his family.  While performing in the big tent their trapeze was sabotaged by Boss Zucco’s gangsters. This was done so that Boss Zucco could extort money from the circus while it was in town.

Bruce Wayne was in attendance when the murder of the flying Grayson’s happened. He felt an immediate kinship with Dick Grayson. Bruce had lost his parents in a hold up attempt years earlier. Wayne took the orphaned Grayson in. Later Grayson discovers Wayne’s secret. Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Soon Grayson was the sidekick of Batman. He took the name Robin to honor his parents. Robin became Batman’s secret weapon. Almost immediately Robin started making enemies of Batman’s foes; most notably Two Face. Every time Two Face looked like he had a win over Batman, Robin would swoop in and save the day. Robin became the focus of Two Face’s rage for many years.

There have been several Boy Wonders. Jason Todd becomes Robin once Grayson left to become Nightwing. Todd’s reign as Robin did not last long. He was killed by a crowbar wielding Joker.

The next Robin was Tim Drake. He used his detective skills to figure out Batman’s secret Identity. Drake was the first Robin to change the Robin costume.  Later he leaves the Robin persona behind to become Redwing.

The first female Robin was Stephanie Brown. She became the vigilante known as the Spoiler to stop her father the Clue Master, and was for a time girlfriend to Tim Drake. She stopped being Robin to become Batgirl.

The last Robin was the ill-fated Damien Wayne. Damien was the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. He was trained as an assassin since birth and was given over to Bruce Wayne for his own protection.  Batman polished Damien’s rough edges and Robin once again became a sidekick that Bruce could rely on. Damien made the ultimate sacrifice to save Gotham proving to all that he well deserved the responsibility of being Robin and would have been a great Batman.