Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Detective Comics is Terminal

Book Recommendation 

The Terminal story arc takes place in Detective Comics #35-#36. The tale happens during the onset of the dreary Gotham fall season. The time when decay starts to set in before the death brought by winter.  Bruce Wayne is tired and being forced by his man servant and father figure Alfred to take a little time off. The ever vigilant Alfred understands that Wayne needs to recharge his biological batteries if he is going to continue his war on crime as Batman.

While Bruce Wayne and Alfred are awaiting permission to take off, the Gotham airport control tower is in an uproar. Flight 2038 from Frankfurt Germany is coming in hot and not responding to hails. The plane lands without the correct permissions. When the airport police order the jet to taxi to a secluded hanger it instead heads straight for the airport terminals. The plane crashes into the public area where travelers are awaiting their flights

The aircraft had been utilized by the Eco terrorist Magnus Magnuson. He has infected the passengers with a terminal disease and now the entire airport is at risk. Magnuson demands that the United States withdraw from the Middle East.  Failure to do so will cause the death of millions.

Batman must team up with Ed Boar the Chief of Police of Gotham International Airport. They need to find the cause of the illness. Once the reason is discovered they must synthesize an antidote. This all has to take place within eight hours.

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by John Paul Leon
Color by Dave Stewart
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by John Paul Leon

Batman was created by Bob Kane