Monday, November 17, 2014


News and Stuff

Magi starring Stephen  Baldwin and the great Michael Madsen!

Dizzee Rascal drops it martial arts style with “Pagans”

Religious nuts are seeing the Virgin Mary again this time on a tree.

The Defiled nail it with “Five Minutes”

Organizations that do not pay taxes want Government money to run private schools to preach there religious based education in Memphis, Tenn.

MUFON is using KickStarter to fund a New Global UFO Database

It took Satanists to teach Florida that religious materials should not be in public schools.

Televangelists building wealth off the backs of Nigerians building mega churches with unlawful and careless manufacture

Upon a Burning Body and Ice T bang out “Turn Down for What” showing DJ Snake and Lil John how it should be done! 

We got some Hate! We love this stuff.