Sunday, November 2, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Strix

Super Hero Sunday

Strix was a Talon for The Court of Owls. Talons are the saboteurs, assassins, and the provocateurs for that ancient cabal. The Court of Owls had run Gotham's underworld and political landscape since the city was founded. During Strix's time with this group she was tasked with making the Gotham Police Department impotent in combating The Court of Owls Talons. She was also responsible for refitting the bat signal with an owl motif, thus breaking the cities resistance to the sect.

Before her time with The Court of Owls, Strix was a young women named Mary Turner. Turner had become one of the few people on mainland America to be injured during the Japanese balloon fire bombings of the United States mainland. During her convalescence she was approached by a representative of Haly’s Circus. She became a tightrope walker and trapeze artist. It was her aerial skills that got the attention of The Court of Owls.

Mary Turner (Strix)
It was during her time provoking dissension in the GCPD that Mary Turner, the Talon, came into direct confrontation with Batgirl. Mary was able to best the female crusader. Mary did not kill Batgirl. This act of mercy gave Batgirl the opportunity to push the Talon off the roof. The fall did not kill Mary but it did allow Batgirl and the Gotham Police to capture her.

Later The Court of Owls hires Catwoman to rescue Mary. Catwoman does what she does best and she frees the talon from the Gotham police. She returns Mary to the cabal. While there Batgirl crashes the party. Mary is ordered to kill both Batgirl and Catwoman. Mary out classes both heroines and was about to kill Catwoman but was stopped by the pleading and understanding words of Batgirl. The Calvary arrives in the form of GCPD.  Knowing that Mary would not be understood by the cops Catwoman offers to deal with the police if Batgirl takes the female talon to safety.

Strix is now a member of the female super team, Birds of Prey.