Monday, January 26, 2015


News and Stuff

Rational Traditionalist Channel:
Lawrence Krauss defends astrobiology from creationist

Snot Mike Huckabee keeps pushing for religion in schools and government

Troglodyte Jim Garlow has a hard on for all the bible thumpers that have been elected in government last year

Politics and religion mix in pointy headed Governor Bobby Jindal's prayer rally

Weenie Rep. Louie Gohmert cups the balls and strokes the shaft of Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu because he doesn't want god mad

Atemi Cast Channel:
Want to be amazed and feel small at the same time look at Andromeda

Bigfoot hunters to use airship drone to hunt down the elusive beast 

Muay Thai fight Sarm-A vs. Dechsachda Sitsongpeenong