Tuesday, January 27, 2015


News and Stuff

Digging the Downloads Channel:
Raised Fist - "Flow"

Cast this to your TV and crank it up VOIVOD - We Are Connected

Get your metal on with Visigoth "The Revenant King" 

Rational Traditionalist Channel:
Asshat David Lane says it is the appointed time of god for evangelicals to take over the government in America

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal a lying christian dolt says islamic no goes zones coming to Merica! 

The Rational Traditionalist is treasonous and demonic for criticising religious pissant Bobby Jindal's political prayer rally

Huckabee shocked at the trashy cursing women of New York

Alabama Chief Justice Dolt Roy Moore is scared of devils and the judgement of his loving god

Atemi Cast Channel:
Pansy Rep. John Fleming, R-La says Marijuana is a gateway drug to Meth LOL 

The Great Phil Hendrie with Elcott The Magnificent

Cinema Abyss Channel:
Tuyul: Part 1 

Fantastic Four (2015)