Monday, January 19, 2015

The Atemi Cast Post of 2014

Post of The Year

The Atemi Cast Post of the year was our video from June10th. The footage was from a Saturday Night Fights December 2013. The post featured some up and coming kickboxers from South Florida. This event was put on by a friend of our Jerry Mendez of Aggressive Combat Sports Florida.  Mendez puts on great events and we at the Atemi Cast try our best to support him whenever possible.

Aggressive Combat Sports specializes in amateur kickboxing, PKB kickboxing , and combat jujitsu. They have also held several grappling tournaments that have been very well received. Aggressive Combat sport’s head organization is in New York and Mendez has been known to fly up and referee those events.

The Atemi Cast has sworn our allegiance to kickboxing. We are trying hard to ensure that this wonderful sport continues and thrives in South Florida. We have supported several decent promoters. Luckily we have seen that this combat sports community polices itself. It is all about safety, skill, and entertainment.

We hope to bring our followers more quality martial arts entertainment during 2015. We have covered pro and amateur MMA, martial arts seminars, and music festivals. We have also hosted movie nights at coffee shops and are looking to kick that off again.  We are also preparing to bring the Atemi Cast podcast. The show has been on hiatus for way to long and we think it is time to bring to bring it back and piss off everyone once again. So if you like your entrainment uncensored stay tuned.  Thank you for the support.