Monday, February 2, 2015


News and Stuff

Atemi Cast Channel:
Bigfoot in Prospect Park New York

Phil Hendrie and the Fantasy Wife League

Cinema Abyss Channel:
I love Kaji Meiko! Female Convict Scorpion and Lady Snowblood are favorites of mine checkout this trailer of the upcoming documentary Meiko Kaji: Under the Sign of Scorpion

Swedish Horror film Sensoria

Rational Traditionalist Channel:
Schnook Tamara Scott says we are in for more of these Bullshit Prayer Rallies to save our country from destruction. ::sigh::

Numpty Tamara Scott thinks Satan is controlling monster energy drink and believes the lies spread by asstard David Barton

Devoted christian anti porn crusader Donny Pauling arrested for the 2nd time for Sex abuse of a minor 

Digging the Downloads Channel:
Mike Mictlan "benicio DEL TORSO / so so STRAYNGE"