Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Martial Arts Mayhem

A Fun Time

Fight promoter Jerry Mendez is back in South Florida. He is bringing the action that is PKB (point kick boxing), Combat Jujitsu, and San-shou Kung Fu to the tri county martial arts fans. PKB is full contact kickboxing that is all technique based. There are no haymaker knockouts allowed but if your training is on point anything can happen.

Combat ju-jitsu is full contact competition with no striking to the head. Body blows are allowed. Expect to see judo style throws and ground fighting submission attempts.

San-shou kung fu is a specialized style of kickboxing. Normal kickboxing rules apply but sweeps and throws also score. San-shou is not for the faint of heart. This style of kickboxing is amazing entertainment.

This will be a night of struggle and achievement. If you like combat sports this will be an event not to miss. All bouts will be fast paced and action packed. These sportsmen have trained for months to showcase their skills and test themselves.

Between the contests there will be system demos. Many accomplished South Florida martial arts dojos will be on hand. Come out and experience what the martial arts brotherhood is all about. Ju-jitsu, judo, karate, BJJ, muay thai, aikido, Kung fu and many more will be represented.

Also included during the night will be music performances from up and coming artists from the tri county area. This will be a night of combat sports, martial arts demos and great music. Do yourself a favor and Check it out!