Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Atemi Cast Mag August 18th

News and Stuff

Updates this Issue:

1) The Ten Rest of the Best Motorcycles of 2015

2) Scientists Detect Traces of Cannabis on Pipes Found in William Shakespeare’s Garden

3) YouTube is now better at live streaming than Twitch

4) Pandora's Tower Launches on Wii U

5) 'Laughed So Hard': Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Safety Demonstration Captivates Passengers

6) SoundCloud adds Google Cast

7) Yen Dina (Cambodia) Vs Wanmichok Sor Sakunthorng (laos)

8) Israeli biblical martial arts warrior

9) ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Will Not Launch On Wii U

10) Lao Chantrea Vs Khonkaenlek Sitpholek