Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Atemi Cast Mag August 25th

News and Stuff

HP Lovecraft
Updates this Issue:

1) The Posthumous Pornification of H. P. Lovecraft
2) Muay Thai Fighters In Thailand Are Being Intentionally Poisoned
3) Roy Jones Jr. Asked Vladimir Putin for Russian Citizenship
4) Steve Bosell Comments on The Fat Jew
5) Local bigfoot hunters explore Columbus clues
6) The Five Biggest Problems With Twitch
7) Neverwinter: Strongholds
8) Phan Kron Vs Senklai Sor Khamsong
9) Jaroenpon P K Senchai Vs Phakaw Dabpong
10) Vong Noy vs Plangchork Or Yuthchai

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