Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Abysmal Reboot of DC & Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics "Darth Vader"

The reboot of both DC Comics and Marvel Comics has been in my mind an abysmal failure.  I have tried Marvels Battle World titles and most of them are not worth your time or money. I have been able to get through and enjoy the Master of Kung Fu books but I had a very hard time with the way beloved characters have been rewritten. 

A beacon of light at Marvel comics has been the Star Wars titles. Darth Vader is a must read. These books actually made me forget the whiny bitch Darth Vader of Star Wars I, II, and III. Vader is a bad ass once again. I also love the way the Emperor seems always to be a step ahead of Sith Lord.
 I additionally adore the team of agents that Vader has secretly hired to help him achieve freedom from Palpatine and eventually leadership of the Empire.  Archaeologist Doctor Aphra the beautiful criminal mastermind is a lot of fun but it is the psychopathic droids 000 and BT that are the bomb. I can only dream of a future astromech showdown between R2-D2 and BT. R2 would be seriously outgunned. Forget a meeting between 000 and C3PO. If that ever happens sadly 3PO is done.

The Star Wars title is a decent book. It is nowhere near as good as the Darth Vader books but is a high-quality read. A surprise was just how good the Princess Leia stand alone series was. I almost blew this one off. I tried the Leia’s books because of the lack of good comics the last six months. I was shocked; it was a first-class story.  Mark Waid wrote a superior believable tale.  Basically, The Princess hears of the Empire’s policy to exterminate any Alderaaninas that survived the destruction of Alderan.  She takes off on her own to rescue her people.

Marvel Comics "Lando"
The Hidden gem has been Lando. I love this book.  Charles Soule has nailed this character. This comic is humorous; action packed, and has great oh-shit moments. The classic scrolling Star Wars history says it best “Lando Calrissian, a man trying to make his way through an uncaring universe, is willing to bet all he has for a single score.”  I do not want to give anything way, the book is only on issue 2, but what Lando steals is hilarious.

I am a DC comics fan but this year DC has dismantled everything that made them great. Wonder Woman’s new look sucks. Robin: Son of Batman is appalling. Martian Manhunter atrocious. Harley Quinn and Power Girl depressing. Green Lantern: Lost Army is ok. Doomed is alright but still a question mark. Doctor Fate, I was really looking forward to this book; is dreadful. The JLA is adequate so far. Lastly Constantine has been pretty good. I am not a fan of the art but the story has been engaging.

This year has been a terrible time for comic lovers. Both Marvel and DC have screwed the pooch. Beloved titles have been destroyed and historic characters have been rewritten.  The only savior in the graphic novel world has been the Star Wars books. Here is to hoping DC and Marvel grow their balls again and bring back decent writers. Until then I might have to become an independent comic book reader.