Tuesday, November 24, 2015

RPG LIVE: In Search Of The Unknown 5.2

Atemi Cast Live start the old school Basic Dungeon & Dragons Module "In Search Of The Unknown" BUT They are gonna play it Dungeon World Style.

After 4 days in fortress Q the party must fight off a contingent of Berserkers. The Game has been revved up a notch. The Players asked for more action and The DM has obliged. Encounters have been increased and Traps have been added. Does this party have what it takes to survive.

The DM:
Rick @atemicast

The Players:
Carlos @atemicarlos as The Fighter Cage
Ivan as Trebbelous The Boy Wizard
Taylor @TwitTayls as The Druid Nimue
Tony @atemicasttony as Thief Jarlaxx

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